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A little throwback back in a Summer's Dream with Thelema

Recently, I've started archiving all my photo backlog so it's all nice and organised and I bump into some now old photo's from my very first photoshoot with Thelema Photography!

It was in 2019 and about this time of the year when Elizabeth and I worked together for the first time.

The shoot took place at a beautiful park in Eastbourne just after lunchtime and the light was so beautiful.

We shot 2 dresses, the gown was provided by Elizabeth and the mini red dress by me.

We also had a very talented MUAH on board, Sophie Glew

To this day this shoot has been one of my favourites.

Would love to shoot again wearing this beautiful gown :)

Here are the photos from this day, Enjoy

Photography / Editing by: https://www.instagram.com/thelemacreativephotography/

MUAH by: https://www.instagram.com/sophieglew/

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