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Greetings All !!!

I'm Irida, a versatile, creative and expressive photographic model from Greece. 


My journey in the modelling world started when I first moved in the UK 9 years ago and from all things happened to get signed to a modelling agency. At that time I was predominantly getting hired for stock image libraries, promo modelling (gigs, events etc) as well the occasional small commercial job. I discovered freelance modelling by chance and immediately got hooked to the idea of having the freedom to create with likeminded humans. I was modelling part-time from 2014 (the year I started modelling) and became a full-timer in September 2019 and it's been my main job since.

I'm very expressive in my moves and I pose with ease and confidence. I draw a lot of my inspiration from music and movies and pinterest is where you can find my aesthetics, styles and themes I'd love to shoot one day !!!

I enjoy creating from all environments, studios or outdoor locations and will often travel all over England to work with photographers on 1:1 basis, workshops, studio days or group shoots. Would also love to expand my creative branches and shoot more in Europe and rest of the world. 

Further Info

 Make-Up / Hair / Styling: I really enjoy styling for photo-shoots! I own a nice collection of evening and vintage gowns, casual and formal wear, lingerie and "art nude" props. I'm confident that I can provide styling for many different concepts and themes. 

 Appearance: I'm 5'6'' tall with a very slim but well toned figure. I'm size 6UK and have very clear fair skin, dark long hair and blue eyes. I have no tattoos or piercings but I have have scars on both my knees from past knee surgeries.

Levels & Styles: Portraits, fashion, lingerie, implied to art nude.

Media: I have experience posing for both digital or analog photographers, traditional artists and videographers.  

Model Release Forms: Happy to sign a non-commercial standard release form if needed, please discuss this in advance.

Base & Travels: I'm currently based in London and happy to travel anywhere for work. I'm using public transport as I'm not driving as yet...hopefully soon but i've been saying this forever 

Languages: Fluent in English and of course Greek =) 

Hobbies: Gym, reading, photography, movies, hiking, nature.


Get in Touch

To talk further about your project and for my rates please fill the form. 

When contacting me to discuss a shoot, please try to include: 

  • What date and estimated starting time and duration of the shoot.

  • Shooting location details (indoor or outdoor, what area etc).

  • What styles and levels I will be working up to.

  • Would a model release form be required.

Many thanks, 


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